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Handheld Universal 10 Frequencies Jamming Device | Monstro

Monstro is a kind of jammer that will make sure that you won't need another one no matter what wireless threat you want to oppose. It works with GSM, CDMA, 3G, GPS, GLONASS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It just jams everything.

Portable High-power GSM, 3G And Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Blocker | WB12

WB12 is frequently used for wireless networks protection and spyware jamming, like hidden wireless cameras and microphones. WB12 is a reliable privacy protector that will ensure your safety from any kind of surveillance and eavesdropping.

Portable All Cellular Frequencies 2G, 3G, 4G Jammer | G5

G5 is an ultimate cellular frequencies zapper that will surely jam all the mobile phones, even the most up-to-date smartphones like iPhone 5, HTC Droid and Nokia Lumia are included.This jammers works perfectly with both 4G standards: LTE and Wi-Max!

Reliable, Handheld and Powerful GSM/GPS Jamming Device | FF15

FF15 was designed to block tracking devices based on GPS and cell phone tower triangulation technology. Due to its' GPS/GSM compatibility it will jam even the A-GPS trackers. You won't be tracked with him for sure!

Can you imagine your life without your cell phone? You will not die without it, of course, but life will become a little less convenient. You will not be late to any meeting, because you will have no actual possibility to contact the people you have decided to meet. There will be no mobile internet and you will be forced to carry more knowledge in your head than in your shiny smartphone. That’s why those portable gadgets are so popular these days they just make our life a lot easier. You should know that to serve you and make your life more comfortable is not their main goal. They have other hidden objectives.

How do you think, how much information can your smartphone tell other people if it gets to their hands? It’s almost everything. Thanks to GPS technology and cell tower triangulation it knows all the places that you have been to and the exact time you were there, you home address including. He knows all your friends and thanks to facebook, google+ and other social Medias that device knows even what are you talking about. It can also tell everyone what you are interested in by looking through your browsing history. That device contains more personal information than even your relatives know of you.

So you can see that mobile phones became real personal information harvesters. They know everything about you and they can share this data. But that’s not the only harm that those mobile devices brought us. Did you know that every third car accident in the world has happened thanks to using a cell phone while driving? They are becoming real killers. Scientists have proven that when you use a mobile phone while driving your braking and maneuvering reactions are 55-60% slower than your actual indicators.

They can track us, get our personal information but we still use them. I think that is the main reason of that that those blocking devices are so popular these days. Another reason is in that lots of people use those smartphones and they do not even understand that they bother other people. I’m talking about those guys who are starting to discuss something like: “How could John leave you” in a really loud voice right before the screen at the movie.

The same goes for cell phone usage in churches, public transport, restaurants etc. Some people just can’t understand the sacral meaning of the sign “PLEASE, TURN OFF YOUR CELEL PHONES”. So, somebody will surely be annoyed with this and will get a mobile phone blocker. That man will use that jammer and enjoy silence and tranquility and you will have no possibility to chat.

But if you think that you need a cell phone jammer you will have to think well. Those devices are not toys they can be harmful and dangerous if used in improper way. And you should also find out as much info on the principles of their work before buying that device. In that case you will surely operate your signal blocking device highly effective.